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Discover the Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in Phoenix Arizona so you can choose and compare from the best in your area that fit your Budget.

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Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in Phoenix Arizona 2016

solarpanelsphoenixarizona-300x225.jpgArizona is leading the way to powering homes with solar energy and trasitioning to solar power in a smooth way. This is no surprise because there is so much sun that it can be used to benefit its

citizens and rely less on the common electric grid. Alternative Energy Such as Solar Panels are growing in popularity each year and Phonix Arizona is one of the leading states in the US.

However with the rising demand for solar power in to reduce the electric grid bills and be more ecofriendly, many solar panel installation companies have appeared and you need to compare and
choose a professional company that you know will be able to handle the work and cost effective.

By using olar panel installations in your home you can take advantage of sunny days which give the homeowner energy efficiency rebates and tax credits.

This way you also help to reduce energy consumption and increase renewable energy, which reduces fossil fuel pollution.

Solar city is known as Americas #1 Solar Provider, with 24/7 system monitoring solution to help ensure your system is running smoothly, they take care of any repairs at no added cost, home protection guarantee. At it has 44 reviews that you can check out

Express Solar Protection is a solar panel installation company in Phoenix az which has some great ratings from previous clients. They can install solar screens on your windows, give you a quote and even some aesthetic advice. You can check on some of its reviews.


American Solar & Roofing is known as Arizonas #1 local solar installer, Certified by the National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Raking Arizonas #1 Solar Provider since 2011 and Angies List Super Service Award Winner.
Provide residential solar systems and roofing services. Specialize in custom solar design, construction and installation. You can check some of its great reviews at

PEP Solar is known as the oldest Residential and Electric Installer in Arizona, provide the highest quality, best warranties and most advanced systems. Provide options to equaliza the balance in comfort and savings by you owning your solar. They Install your solar PV electric system in 90 days and educate you in every step of the way. You can check some reviews at
20819 N 25th Place STE B107 | Phoenix AZ 85050

Arizona Solar concepts is a solar energy company in Arizona leading the way in helping peole become solar smart an save immediately on electric bills by taking control of their energy. They offer zero down for fully integrated solar package and 25% monthly savings or more. AZSC can be your energy solution from concept to design, to engineering and intallation, from solar electricity to solar water heating solutions. You can check some great reviews of AZSC at

Helicol West is a division of Green Energy Solar, Inc, Helicol West is the most reerred solar company in the southwest. Helicol West is the only solar PV electric contractor in Arizona who specialize in solar domestic hot water and solar pool heating and also has promoted the use of hybrid solar energy. The company is licensed for residencial and commercial solar domestic hot water, solar pool heating, solar PV electri and high pressure fogging and misting.
You can read some helicool reviews at

Arizona Solar Solutions are experts in the industry and can offer you solar options that best fit your needs. They are a trusted provider with rating with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau. AriSEIA Qualified conractor certified. They are involved in the process of planning, financing, design adn installation. With flexible leasing options with the longest lease terms in the vally and make sure you get all the rebates and incentives your are entitled to.
You can read some great reviews of Arizona Solar Solutions at

Sunrun is a residential home solar company in Arizona with A plus rating with the BBB and Agiest List, they say you can save 20%. They customize every system they install to fit your home and saving goals. With 17 years of high quality custom solar installations and Sunrun Lifetime support, guaranteed production is your panels under produce.
You can read some reviews of Sunrun at

Harmon Solar is known as a leading solar panel installer in Phoenix, Arizona since 1975. Harmon Solar specializes in Design, install and services for custom solar systems for your home or business or take advantage of zero down lease.
You can check some great reviews for Harmon Solar at
945 W Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Arizona Energy Pros Inc provides Solar Energy Services for residential and Commercial customers with a variety of financing plans to make your solar transition more affortable and smart. With the best solar purchase options 12 and 20 years residential solar loans. They provide some energy saving products such as Solar PV and Solar water heating.
Check out some great reviews at

These are the Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in Phoenix Arizona that you should check out, get quotes and compare rates, Some of them specialize in residential and others in commercial and residential. You should read the reviews of the companies before you decide which one to hire according to your needs. The Solar Energy Movement is growing and you should take advantage of the savings that you can get to your monthly bills, most of these companies will gladly explain you how it works and how you can benefit from having your own residential solar system installed.  Of course there are sother solar companies in Phoenix Az that offer some great service and we will update here with some of those, for your review.